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A sex tape is usually made intentionally, but sometimes unintentionally, and it involves a famous person in a pornographic setting or scene.  These are often spun as scandals, which make them much more risqué and in turn, more in demand by the public at large.  Sex tapes in the past would often cause damage to a celebrity’s career – damage to ones reputation making it harder for them to be taken seriously but the public.  For example, Rob Lowe who had a sex tape scandal in 1988, in which his career never truly recovered from the incident.  Recently things have changed.  Sex tapes have become ‘in fashion’ so to speak with famous celebrities such as: Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and even Pam Anderson receiving royalties from the tape itself, along with major publicity launching their careers and leading to book deals, branding of products with their names, reality television series, and magazine covers.  Now, sex tapes are so common that they use ‘leaked’ as a marketing tactic to advance a career of a celebrity often on the ‘B list’ or lower.


Pam Anderson was one of the first wildcats on the scene with a sex tape released; in fact she has two sex tapes to check out!  The first with her then husband Tommy Lee of the band Motley Crue.  Pam Anderson had an on again off again relationship with Lee which made the sex tape all the more exciting.  However, later in 2005 she released a sex tape with Bret Michaels of the former band Poison and the now reality television star that further catapulted his career.  Pam Anderson has always been a sex symbol and with the launch of the Internet in the early 90’s made for a big celebrity sex tape leak and many sex kittens followed after such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton.  The Internet provides a venue for us to see the real deal!  Wooohooo!

Paris Hilton is the diva that had ‘cum’ before Kim Kardashian! Hilton’s sex tape One Night in Paris made her famous!  She may be a celebutante, but she is now a sex tape queen.  Crowned after Pam Anderson, as one of the most popular sex tapes of all time!  See this socialite get down and dirty with Rick Salomon.  Paris Hilton has had her days as a wild child and they might not be over!  We can’t wait to hear what she will do next.  She not only has a sex tape but nude photos are rampant of her wild days at the clubs!

Kim Kardashian was a girl working in the valley at a clothing store when Ray J came along and offered her a deal with a sex tape!  They might have been an item for a bit, but it was obvious they were in it to win it! The sex tape that changed her future and no degree needed for this valedictorian of Vivid Entertainment.  Her daddy may have been a famous attorney in L.A. but she wasn’t going anywhere but to the sluttly slums – lucky for us!  Kim complained about the release and scandal of the sex tape damaging her reputation (what reputation?) – but she sold it and everything changed!  It changed for us as well, that ass changed the world.  Curvy girls are now in season and just to see that ass bent over makes the sex tape interesting!  Everyone wants to see it!   Kim Kardashian now has a reality television show, magazine covers, and many products with her name on it, and of course the sex tape which obviously made this all worthwhile.  Kim Kardashian made 65 million dollars last year with Kardashian Empire.  Not only does Kim Kardashian have a sex tape but also she has nude photos released from magazines like Playboy, calendars, and all sorts of other avenues of nudity to check out! Make it rain T&A baby!

Kendra Wilkinson of the Playboy’s Girls Next Door is another “unauthorized” sex tape released by Vivid Entertainment that was filmed before she was famous with Playboy and without her breast implants so you can see the real Kendra for the first time!  She was one of the favorites on the television reality series with a vivacious personality.  Everybody wanted to see how excited she was to suck dick in the sack!  Kendra was a known sports fiend; she sure wanted to play ‘balls’!!!

Tila Tequila is another raunchy Internet sensation circa 2006 on MySpace that aided her with a popular television reality series, magazine covers like: Penthouse, Stuff, Maxim, and other pornographic publications.  Later, a sex tape was ‘discovered’ that involved a tryst with four women!  Her bisexual ways have always captivated audiences.  Believe it or not it is still taboo and an interesting dynamic for famous people to have romps with the same sex! Her sex tape is wild and must be viewed!  This Vietnamese –American makes an explosion on screen.

Gene Simmons might be famous for being in that band….what was the name again? Oh yeah the name of the band is Kiss, or was Kiss!  Who cares about the band when you have heard about Gene Simmons personal life- he famous for his polyandrous ways, even with his live in girlfriend of twenty-eight years, Shannon Tweed, a former playboy playmate!  He always talked of his polyandrous ways and his sexual freedom and it is apparent with his sex tape with a buxom blond in 2008.  Is Gene Simmons all he has cracked up to be?  Well find out and view his sex tape!

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